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We must move on

You make me feel so widely different feelings, all from the luckiest me I ever could image to the very lowest point of my scale of feelings. The first time I met you, I was another person, I haven’t lived so close with other people, or done so many things in my whole life.

You taught me how to purr other people, share a cabin with three nearly strangers, and become family with my class. Those things that I now a days take for granted. My ability to relate to other people around the world has grown and the fact that I’ve met some of the people that I used to watch on TV or lived on the other side of the world, people that you made me meet. You have taught me to be curios and not judge something or someone after the first moment, it might sound cheesy but it’s true.

But I think during the years we have grown apart, I want to see myself around in the world, travel and discover places I can’t do with you. Test to be on my own feet and dare to do it myself. Of course, I will remember everything I learned with you. As when we a week ago jumped into a Cuban man’s car who offered us a free ride to Houston, a one-hour drive away. Maybe not the safest way, but we got a new friend who only spoke Spanish and wondered if all of us had boyfriends.

Every day I get older, so will you. Your aging is slowly being visible, and you need love more than ever. But unfortunately, it is more love than you get from us right now. You need long-term and sustainable love, which can save all your small (and big) skoves. As when tears run in the little Mess, or when your topgallant cracks, or when 44 students need to use the restrooms at the same time, I am so sorry, we are so sorry for forcing you to bear with us. I hope someone will see your needs and solve them, because you are worth all good on this planet. But I can’t be with you then.

I will miss all the sunrises and sunsets we’ve seen together, all the stars on the dark night sky. The bubbling sink when it bars, my 52 family members within 20 meters reach (max). Get breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day. Always have someone to laugh with or mix a beatbox bar-symphony with. Go up at 03.30 at night to brass 2 centimeters or to wake up to the cabin next door laughing.

Thank you Gunilla for three amazing trips, and knowledge I will bring with me my entire life. You will always have a special place in my heart, I wish you all the luck. And I really hope all your big and small skoves will be taking care of.

Otherwise, you have a bunch of small friends left in the galley when we leave. I think they can withstand the final cleaning through.

Take care, Elsa /Starboard


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