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We’re halfway there !!! 

The North Atlantic…what a beautiful abode; waves that blend in with the horizon, cautiously rocking you to sleep after a long day of work. Nothing but ocean for thousands of miles is a view that doesn’t get out of your head so easily.

That said, it didn’t take many days at sea before you really got in touch with your imagination and wandered undiscovered paths… I’ve heard some heartfelt stories about people who experienced a night as a breadstick or traveled along roads filled with chickpeas… I guess it’s a bit too early for boat psychosis, but when you haven’t seen much of landmass or been in contact with civilized humans for eight days straight, there’s no question, that life onboard gets interesting. Our main focus the last few days has been a wooden cross that we hide around the boat for others to find. As desperate for entertainment as we are, it has kept us occupied for hours on end.

We’ve actually been having a good few days with happy faces all around. It’s been said that we’re going to sail towards the Azores with ease for the following days and so we have had some relaxing hours as workforce on duty. Although we didn’t do much on duty, we had to make sure to stay alert and ready at all times for any worst-case scenarios occurring. As for today’s dayshift, we spent some time cramming information about the European Union as preparation for the European Union election that we’re having on Sunday. This might sound relaxing and all but brace yourselves, because as soon as one of us jinxes it, that person is next one in line to go up in the mast to furl sails which I can guarantee you isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. The North Atlantic can be described as a fairy-tale like scenery, but it isn’t always so dreamlike when you’re up climbing the mast in windy weathers, squatting down to reach sails that work against your will. Till next time, we’ll promise to try and hold on tight to our sanity while we now enter the second half of what’s left of this voyage.

Nora Kaltenborn, starboard


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