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We’re sailing like Columbus

During the 16th century Columbus set sails on Santa Maria to Indian. Today we know that he arrived in America. Columbus is by the first documented case of sailors crossing the Atlantic Ocean. He set sail toward a new world, a place he hadn’t been too. Now we’ve set sail toward the Azores. Where new adventures await us. We’re sailing like Columbus.

The day started up with our last morning assembling up on deck. You could see how some fought an inner war with themselves, whether to fall asleep or not. All our adventures here at Bermuda had finally caught up to us, now we’re all craving a deep slumber. But sleep is for the weak! We have a busy two weeks ahead of us. Who knows what awaits? Sleeping just got pushed further down on everyone’s bucket list.

The sea has been quiet the whole day. Only small whispers could be heard from the waves. Gunilla has been gliding with ease now when there’s no armored waves blocking our path. The wind has gone away to. Everything is completely still. Since there’s no wind and no waves we’ve unfortunately been forced to use our motor instead of the sails. However, there can’t be bad news without good news. Because of how steady the ocean was today, we all had the privilege of taking a dive into the crystal blue water. I can’t name anyone who wasn’t thrilled. We’ve barley sailed a day and we’re already taking swimming breaks. Hopefully this becomes a regular routine.

Now it’s nearing portside nightguard duty. The temperature outside is slowly going down, just as the sun is calling it a day. The moon is already out for its night shift. Soon it’ll be accompanied by the millions of stars lightning up our path to the Azores. Words can’t describe our excitement. Time is ticking. The clock is 19:24. 13 days 4h 36m to arrival.

Nicole Fors Nas1518 (Portside)


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