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We say no to ”YES” in hair

A day full off hard work and some hot weather.

Today it was port sides time to have harbor watch in Madeira. It was a really warm day. Me, Felix, Gustaf and Ludvig got the task to take all the survival suits from one very small space to the main deck. We took out all the suits from their bags that they where in to see if anything was broken or worn out. We where also put on wax on the sippers. After all our effort to take these suits out of that small space, we had to take them all back again. It was a real challenge. Me and Felix got to work really hard to get them inside again in that small space. We had to do it two times because all of them didn’t fit.

Furthermore, me and Felix got another task to fill the two small boats we have on the ship with air and check if the motor on them worked as it should. We had a little bit of a hard time to get the coating on the boat on the same way again. But after we finally manage to get it on it was time for fika.

After the fika it was time to get up in the mast to moister the wires with fat. We got to put on overalls and gloves that would protect our clothes and our safety harness. Because it was so hot that day all of us got really warm under those overalls. Me and one guy in my watch had to go all the way up to highest sails to moister that wire with fat. But I got so much fat in my hair and face so that Ester had to play hair dresser and wash my hair with ”YES” and water in the sink outside of the laundry room on main deck. I can tell you guys, my hair did not feel good after that.

When we had moisturized the wires with fat we had to make some small bags to make throwing lines. We didn’t have enough time to actually finish doing them, but we did cut the length of the bags and measure out how much weight it should be in the bags. We didn’t have as much time as we needed because we had to go down to the student furnishing to clean. I got to clean the sinks and mirrors in the bathrooms, which wasn’t that bad to clean. We had some music on in the background. When we finished the cleaning we called on our watch leader to get an approval and we got one.

It became a well-deserved shower after this tough day and a good nights sleep.

Emily Granath, portside


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