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We will miss Gunilla

Today was our last whole watch, which made us all kind of sad… Weird that we’ve already finished our second voyage. Now we need to wait a year and a half before we will sign on Gunilla again.

Gunilla is our home when we are out sailing, there is so many things that my class and I will miss. For example, the horrible rousings that we sometimes get by our mates and the good rousings that you always get by Lina. We´ll miss when Elina is late for watch and comes running with no shoes on and the harness on her shoulder. We´ll also miss the breaks on the watches, the break for breakfast, ten break, lunch, three break, dinner and most important night break. It´s incredible how much you eat on this boat, except the things I counted up everybody have their own snacks. These snacks are disappearing really fast and need to be refilled in the next harbour.

All these things and more is what will make us really look forward to the next trip, which will be our last trip.

Olivia Brothén


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