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Whale family

We woke up in a rush, the roadman was 14 minutes late which led to that we only had 11 minutes before we needed mustering/line up. That’s barely enough time to dress for the cold wetter outside. But luckily, I was galley rat so I just needed two layers on my legs and three on my upper body.

We entered the kitchen and started with our chores for the night. Usually, we eat breakfast after our shift but since I had time over, I ate with midship so I could go straight to bed after our shift. We got woken up once again but this time for lunch and lections. Most of our assignments need to be handed in when we arrive in England, so we are in a bit of a hurry. To our great delight it was apples for “fika” and that mixed with peanut butter is the perfect combination. The time moved forwards and it was time for shift again. The days officially starts at 8 am so I had at the time switched in to workforce. The shift began with us trying to catch some wind in the sails, but that didn’t work so we needed to seize the sails again. Then the shiefmate had a lection and we learned about different boats and how to stir them in the easiest way based on the propeller. In the middle of the lection we got distracted, a family of eight whales came and visited us. It was a blackfish, I have never heard of that before so it was really cool! Our lection continued and we climbed some more, than we heard the sound of the bell ringing seven times. When you hear that it means that is only 30 minutes left of a shift and you need to walk around the ship to see so everything is perfect suspended. When I laid in my bed later that day I realized that not everyone got to experience whales and that it really is a fantastic, amazing thing.

Filippa Wieck


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