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Whale in sight!

It has been four days since we left Bermuda and the weather has been quite calm up until today. But despite, or thanks to, the high waves port has had one of our most fun watches this morning. 

Okay, you can’t really call it the best of watches, because we didn’t do that much, but sitting secured on poopdeck with our hooks hooked in the guardrail can be appreciated too. We played a few games, and Sofia, our new watch leader, taught us a few things about setting sails and the rig.

We’ve heard that the wind is going to stay strong until Saturday, and right now the waves are between 2-4 meters high. It isn’t as bad as it was during those few days from Charleston to Bermuda, but there are still at least a dozen people who are seasick. Now and then you hear a loud bang from the galley and if you aren’t secured when on deck there is a big risk of sliding down into the gutter where all the vomit gathers.

We have made a thing out of performing funny shift switches, and today we sang a song to midships when they were going on their watch. Here it is:

Melody: “Ooa hela natten” by Attack.

Lyrics: Sway the whole watch, sway the whole day

Sway the whole watch, put up staysails and mizzen

Sway the whole night long, until you stand here again

Aaoo, aao-ao-ao

In my opinion this was one of the better shift relives ever made during this trip, but there are some other good candidates, such as the time when starboard said “God Vakt” by spelling it out with the international alphabet. It went like this, Golf Oskar Delta Viktor Alfa Kilo Tango.

Minutes after our legendary watch relief midships spotted a whale in the distance. Unfortunately, me and most of the people from my watch had already went down under deck and missed the spectacle. The people who saw the whale described it as a big, smooth and whale-coloured. In other words, we have no idea what kind of whale it was. Not that it matters very much, just seeing one seems supercool, whatever species it belongs to. With a little luck it’ll show up again someday when I am up on deck.

Linnéa Alexandersson, Port


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