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Whales and bucket lists

Hello world! We have entered the Caribbean Sea once again, and there are around 800 sea miles left to Miami, the end of this journey.

We are all having mixed emotions about that, both happy and sad. Many of us are also suffering from homesickness. I admit, I am one of them! But things are still exciting.

From today I am legally able to put an X in the square next to “See a whale” on my bucket list. In the beginning of our first watch this morning two whales showed up around 150 meters away from the boat, and that was the first time ever I saw a whale in real life. Just imagine that “wooow”-moment!! It was amazing, and we think they were playing since they jumped and twisted around more than a couple of times. And its long, white fens were over the water waving, almost like they were trying to say hello to us.

Besides whale watching, we have also started with the finishing cleaning on board. It is literally hard-core cleaning. Every area must be organized and that will be ready when we arrive in Miami, which is six days from now. Six days of cleaning! That is true excitement, right?

One of the squares on my Bucket list that’s still empty is “Sail into Miami”. Give me a week and I will be legally able to put an X in that square as well. That will be fun! J

But until then, you’ll find us cleaning!

Greetings from the Caribbean!

Lisa B, Starboard.


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