Öckerö gymnasium

What a day!

How can a day even go wrong when you wake up to breakfast in bed? Yes, you read it right. The person who woke us up today offered the entire amidship watch freshly grilled sandwiches to eat in bed! So sweet.

The day kept giving. Going up on deck and the weather is absolutely wonderful. All sails are set, the sun is shining and there are hardly any waves rocking the boat. If you looked closely on the horizon you could see Sweden. Unfortunatly the wind left us and we had to furl all the sails. But it wasn’t too bad. Everyone helped out and pretty much all students where now up in the rig, which made the mast look a little bit like a Christmas tree.

But the day isn’t over yet. I think I just saw the most beautiful sunset in my life. On the port side, the sun made both the sky and the sea shimmer in red and orange. The few clouds that still covered the sky lit up like pink sugarcane. To starboard the almost full moon made the sea sparkle and around it was a pastel pink and blue sky. It feels untrue to be here. It could only be this beautiful in movies. And that is just what is was, a movie. Some students even snuck past the commanders and brought coffee and popcorn up in the rig. It is days like this you are so thankful you go to this school.



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