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"What a great day to be alive"

If you were given the opportunity to be in the middle of the sea, scorched by the sun, cooling it off by jumping into the deep blue ocean and toping it off with a wonderful barbecue and movie-night on deck underneath the vast open sky filled with countless of stars. Would you take the chance? Sound like a dream but, it was our reality.

Hence the watch schedule I started my morning of in normal fashion; waking up at 7am tired. Seconds later I'd be dragging my feet to breakfast just to end up with a cup of tea in my hand to get the brain of mine to really turn over. It was a normal morning but the fear of waking up each morning on T/S Gunilla, is the risk of being assigned to the tar team (the fellow mates chosen to paint tar on wires in the rig). But if my story of the glory day is to be true, of course I did't get that job. Instead I got assigned to clean up drinking water leaking though the water tank. I was so thankful that the liquid wasn't the infamous waste water, that would have been truly disgusting and puke inducing to say the least.

After a successful mission of cleaning out most of the water beneath our feet I instantly jumped into a shower even though we were allowed to swim in the ocean. I wasn't really in the mood for the open ocean with the sharks lurking right under our feet so instead I spontaneously cut off more than half of my hair because.. why not? After making some impulse decisions, I got persuaded to go for a swim. What I didn't know was that I'd be spending three hours straight having a great time and getting sore from all the failed jumps from the deck.

While swimming and simultaneously getting my pigment factory going on over drive, it was announced that we'd have a "barbecue party with Leo the officer as host" and feast on the Wahoo (a big fish we caught ourselves). Skip a few hours ahead and we find ourselves eating delicious grilled Wahoo, chicken and potato sallad. A truly spectacular evening with the sun setting, showing off its violet colour stretching the horizon and everyone dressed nicely to celebrate this great day to be alive.

Best wishes Johaak


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