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What are good days without bad days?

Just another day full of work, food and more work. So, what should I write about such a normal and boring day? Perhaps, the thing about boring days is that they´re also boring to read about, or, from the bright side, are bad days the reason why we appreciate good days?

Lately I have been trying really hard to look at things from the bright side, yesterday was no exception. Although the day started badly, with me having to wake up while the rest of my roommates could continue sleeping, because they are sick (I envy them even though I know that they probably would love to be as healthy as I am), I got out of bed and ate some tasty breakfast with a big smile on my face (just overexaggerating a little). As every other Sunday, we got special breakfast containing potatoes, bacon and fried eggs, which was one of my motivations to actually wake up this morning.

After the delicious breakfast, it was time for Portside, the watch I am in, to drag our tired bodies up on deck to have watch between 8-12 am. Even though I had a small pep-talk in front of the mirror to cheer myself up before the watch, the day got quite ruined by the fact that we were supposed to tarry the very last part of the rig. As you might think we get very dirty by this work that we have been doing the entire sailing towards Portsmouth, which had to be done now because we are not allowed to tarry the rig in some ports and it needed to be done during one of the longer sailings. Well, due to this tarrying most of us have been doing today, my entire motto of positive thinking got completely ruined by how hard it was to reach the things we were supposed to tarry, and also by the fact that I got so dirty. As you might have figured out by now, I do not like to be dirty.

At 12 am, when our watch was finally done, I quickly ate some food rests from yesterday (the lunch was mushroom soup, which I did not eat because I hate mushrooms so much that I cannot even find words to describe it), so that I could run into the shower before everyone else. I just had to get the dirt off my body. After a pretty long shower, almost twenty minutes (which is like showering forever here), I played Carcassonne with five others. I actually lost, which I usually do not do, but trying to keep up with my motto, I took it with a smile and just moved on despite the fact that I am very competitive. In the middle of our game there was a security practice, and this time we practiced on using the emergency exits, and we also had the last major meeting before our arrival in Portsmouth, which by the way is the day after tomorrow.

Just like the majority of us students (I think, at least I did), I went directly to my bed and fell asleep after dinner. A half hour before the watch I woke up with a lot of energy to waste on our night watch, but also with disappointment because I really wanted to go back to sleep like my roommates could. Despite all of this we actually had a good time at our night watch. All we had to do was to clean below deck, make an inventory of the cleaning products and then we could chill for the rest of the watch, which was kind of the peak of the day.

Even if this was quite a disappointing day, in its sort of ways, the fact that we did not have any lessons and that I got a long shower, made my day a little less boring. But seriously, how can we appreciate good days if there are not any bad days?

So, was it really such a bad day after all?

Sanna Utbult, Portside


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