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What a Seasickness Patch does with the Brain

Small, plastic wonders in a shade of beige. The little creatures, sitting on the sticky side of the patch, are always ready to help.

As soon as they touch human skin, they begin to eat. They sneak through the epidermis without any human alarm starting, these sneaky little creatures. Maybe you think that they are nasty when you see them but no, they save your day. Sometimes you get bad luck. Some creatures are a bit mean in that they give you dizziness and enlarged pupils. They can even go down your throat making you feel like you have swallowed a piece of paper.

But back to the up sides of these creatures. Although they are lifesavers, they do not work so effectively.

After applying the patch the creatures rush through the skin’s safety check only to take a six hour coffee break. But once they start working they do a great job.

Now you probably wonder how they manage to defeat the sea sickness. I will tell you a secret: The creatures are turned into small ninjas which, with their special weapons which I am forbidden to reveal, kill all sea sickness monsters. When they all are dead, the creatures convert the monsters into small packages full of energy. It is this energy of transformed sea sickness we all use when we climb up the rig and pull the rope.

This is how a seasickness patch works.

Selma Starboard


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