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What a wonderful day

I woke up in the morning and was ready to start my watch. It was the hottest day on the trip so far, and then it is very important to help each other to remember to drink water and take sunscreen.

The watch started and it was not like a normal day because the captain told us some news that made us very happy – we were going to lie at anchor a few hours later.

We prepared to drop the anchor and after a while Gunilla slowed down and the rocking ceased. And the good news weren’t over. The captain told us that we were going to swim in the ocean! The atmosphere on board was on top. People were diving, doing backflips, laughing and even scrubbing in their bodies with a dark body scrub made of honey, coffee and sugar –a trending beauty trick on Gunilla.

Then it was time for dinner and it was served in the big mess with the whole crew like it we usually do when we are moored quayside. I’ve always a special feeling when everyone eats dinner together after some days out at sea. Everyone is happy and you can hear laughter everywhere. The only problem is that our first officer can be a bit grumpy because of the loud noise. But I think that he somewhere deep inside appreciates the racket because it still means that we enjoy the life onboard.

Clara Carlund



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