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What will happen next?

We have been out at sea for two days and we really don´t know where we are going. The original plan was to go to Cherbourg in France and lay at shore for a couple of days, but because we were a bit late with the whole voyage our captain thought it would be better to go directly through Biscaya and down to A Coruña instead of go to France in between.

A lot of us where disappointed since we had plans to eat croissant brunch and wear a burette and striped shirts, like they do in the movies. To explain why we don’t know what will happen next our mate showed us a map that showed in what direction the weather and storms were headed and why it still was a question where and when we are going. There is a low pressure coming towars us and we don’t want to get stuck in it in the middle of the English canal. The question remains and the weather is moving fast, and we don’t know whether we will make it to Biscaya before the rough weather hits us, so we might even go to France. Like our mate said “we won’t know until it happens”.

Today my watch started at eight a ‘clock and when we got outside the lovely weather was a happy way to start the day. The rest of the watch was hard and we had a lot to do. We tarred in the rig a lot and dowsed and furled eleven sails in total. When we got down everyone was dirty and sticky with white pieces of cloth on our foreheads. Our sailing instructor thought it would be a fun thing to do at the relief of the watch. The annoying thing about tar is that it won’t come off, even in the shower so everyone stood after the watch and covered ourselves in rape oil before hitting the showers. The showers were occupied for hours.

The good weather remained throughout the whole day which made it a perfect day to read a book on the forecastle, workout or write a blog in the sun. Many warm hugs from Gunilla to everyone at home.

//Nell Waller


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