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Wheels on the bus go round and round...

This day has been busy, fun, warm, cold, windy and just generally good. Both classes ( NA1720 and SJD1720 ) have been on a bus trip to Valldemossa (A small but a very beatiful town) then we went to the cave.

The first stop was a cove with a view that reached over the horizon and beyond (not really but close). Everyone took photos and Martin (Our director of studies, short DOS) posted a picture on the school´s instagram account (Name: instagunilla).

Valldemossa was the best looking town so far (according to me atleast, but I think many more students can say the same). It was an old town with stone houses and only the citizens who lived there were allowed to drive cars in the town (I saw 0 cars while we were there). A few cafeterias and stores here and there. A market with a few stalls that sold various items. I think I could spend a day in that town just walking around and discovering the difference in atmosphere between Valldemossa and Palma.

At approximately 2 pm we arrived at the cave full with stalagmites and stalagtites. We got guided around and the guide explained how it was discovered in 1940 and how everything was created in the cave. It was around +20ºC in the cave while we were there but it felt much less, like around 15º. When we got out from the cave, some of us bought ice cream and snacks from the store (I bought a Magnum classic and 1 snickers).

Then everyone got on the bus to go back to Palma, then we had watch duty so we had to go to the boat while midship and starboard could stay in the city if they wanted to. This evening was special though because everyone had to be back on the boat at 18:30 so we could spend the night at sea. Our type of ship wasn´t allowed to stay in the harbour for more than 3 days, so we had to leave and spend 12 hours at sea to go back to the exact same spot (not exactly the same spot but near).

Alex Benjaminsson, Port


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