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When you swim into the wrong wave

When you swim into the wrong wave you get twirled around, when you swim into the wrong wave you swallow a lot of saltwater, when you swim into the wrong wave you get a fracture.

Guess which one happened to me…all of them in the amount of a few seconds. It sounds really bad but it really wasn´t. Everyone on the boat handled it very good, both the grownups and my friends. Our nurse Johannes gave me a sling then I went to the hospital with Erling, the dos, and Lina whom acted translator. We came to the hospital 10.30 am and everything went really smooth. After just 20-30 minutes I met a doctor who sent me to an x-ray. Then after some time the doctor said I had a small fracture in my elbow bone. We left the hospital around 13 pm and then went to a café across the street where Erling bought us chocolate croissant and coffee.

I´m allowed to stay on the boat but the arm needs to be still for two weeks, and then I´ll meet a new doctor to check if the bone has started to heal. For these two week I will be workforce although I can´t climb the mast or haul the tamps. I guess I will be doing maintenance work as painting or something like that.

For the rest of the day, we were practising on whipping, splice and lashing and then we cleaned below deck. For dinner we ate fish soup which was really good and afterword we just chilled. I was gangway guard from 7.30 to 9.30 and then on the in the morning from 5.30 to 7.30. I kind of like the night watches when you just sit two and two chat and watch so that no one who shouldn’t be on the boat enter.

Summary of the day it was eventful and long but nice.

Olivia Brothén Midships watch


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