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Where are the whales and the water?

At the line up today at 4 am we got to know some exciting news from the commanding officer. They told us that we were about to sail past a place where whales often can be seen.

Me and Ester, which also is in the midships watch, was ordered to clean up in the tool room. The others promised to tell us if any whales showed up. It was extremely hot, and the high waves made us both a bit seasick, therefor I went for a bucket that we could use just in case. While we cleaned, we informed each other about our grades of seasickness in a scale between zero to ten. Zero meant that you didn’t feel seasick at all, while number ten meant that you must throw up. Our seasickness felt like a six in our scale, until the waves got even higher. Suddenly it felt like my stomach turned inside out, and I screamed in panic “ten!”. I grabbed the bucket and throwed up. In the corner of my eye, I saw how Ester stood and yelled, because she is a bit afraid of puke. The fact that I was laying in front of the door and blocked the only way out of the tiny room, didn’t make the situation better.

Unfortunately, no one saw any whales during our watch. A bit disappointed, I went down to take a shower, but the luck didn’t seem to be on my side today. When I had rubbed the shampoo in my hair and was about to start the shower again, it didn’t come any water. After almost half an hour the boats engine-man amazingly solved the problem and I could finally finish my shower.

Alva Strandberg, midships watch


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