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Where did the wind go?

The peace after the storm. Or is it the peace before the storm as we usually say? I'm not sure anymore, as I was raised when I grew up is that people usually say, the peace before the storm. But when I think about what has happened these last days it makes me question that.

Almost two days ago we had a storm, with gust winds around 45knots (23,15 m/s or 83,34 km/h). We were sailing around 9 knots under this peroÌod of time with only a few sails up. But today we are happy if we get over 2 knots with all the sails sat. It's almost dead calm right now, we even needed to turn on our engine.

So I ask myself, where did the wind go? Did it run out after the storm without leaving any more to us? Is it really this we mean by the peace before the storm? Hahha no, I know why we, humans, in generations have used that expression, the peace before the storm. It is beacuse when something become so calm that the feeling is pressuring and that it will breake, like a glas that is overfiled with water.

The storm was one of the funniest times in my sailing history. But now it is reallt nice that its peaceful under the deck and that we can sleep without be afraid that we will fall out from our berth. That I can walk in the halls without tumbeling into the bulkhead.

But if you forced me to chose between the storm or the dead calm weather, I would chose the storm every day in the week.




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