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Which day is it

It was a bit harder to get out of bed this morning. In either case for us in babord, it were once again our turn to work.. Which in other words means that we were not allowed to leave the boat for our own adventures.

After two wonderful days in the streets of Charleston it was yet again our turn to work hard underneath the hot blazing american sun. Which surprisingly was actually pretty cold, just above 24 degrees Celsius. But it could also be so that we have all gotten a bit heatscarred after the weeklong visit to Miami.

After a hard struggle trying to convince yourself to get out of bed, even though the only thing thats on your mind is to mentally prepare and to brace yourself for the AC (who got its inspiration from the cold Swedish Mountains), you’re ready to meet the only thing that helps reminding you of which day it is. “English breakfast”, which always occurs on Sundays. After the breakfast at seven o'Clock it’s time for the rutin line-up that we have each day eight o'Clock.

And so the workday begins. On this day our tasks will be, break off rust, painting, cleaning, and night duty.

Maybe it doesn't sound like it’s that much but breaking rust is probably equally as fun to be trimming a football field with a scissor.

And to keep it all from rust again we'll have to paint over the exposed metal with several layers of paint. Though some of us like to paint themselves more than the actual ship itself, or that's what it looks like anyways.

That was pretty much our day in short. But I can at least say with safety that we in babord hasn't thrown each other overboard yet.

Amadeus, Babord


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