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Why you should sail with Gunilla

Pictures of high green mountains, powerful cliffs and clear blue water have made my storage on my camera full after today’s hike.

After today I know why everyone should start on Öckerö sailing high school. What we saw today is something I will never forget or have the chance to experience again. But let me explain to you from the beginning what I have done today. Okey...Today was our second day on the Island called Santo Antão, me and my friends woke up on our hotel half past seven to eat breakfast. Everyone was so excited to get a real hotel breakfast and to get a break from the breakfast on Gunilla. The food in general is very delicious on Gunilla but specially when it comes to breakfast it gets really boring to eat the same food every morning for weeks. The breakfast on the hotel that we lived on in the city Porto de Sol was amazing and it was so much better than I could imagine. We got sliced bananas, toasted bread, pancakes, omelet and homemade juice served in the hotels little garden. Because of our little budget we had to eat until our stomaches almost exploded so we could be sure that we had enough money for the rest of the day.

We took our backpacks with us after breakfast and got a ride by a alugun to the little villages called Rivera Grande. An alugun is an open truck were you sit close to a lot of people on the back of the truck and get rides for a small piece of money. From Riviera Grande we started to walk next to the sparkling sea with the destination Sinagoga which is an old fort on the north side of Santo Antão. On the way we walked through small villages, powerful mountains and cliffs. We weren’t in a hurry so when we felt hungry we stopped to eat some fruit that we found on our hike yesterday or when we felt thirsty we stopped to drink some water. But the main reason why we stopped every quarter was because of the amazing nature. We had to take picture and try small paths all the time because it was so fun. Everyone felt that we have to see and explore everything now when we had the chance.

After walking for 3 hours we came to the final destination. It was a small group of houses on the cliffs and on the point of the cliffs was a plummeted fort. Around the fort was clear blue water and black cliffs. Big waves smashed the cliffs and we found out that the water was warm. We considered to take a swim but decided that it could be too dangerous because of the waves who were so strong. After a while standing on the cliffs and watch the sea we found a hole. The hole was full of the sea water from the waves and it looked like a natural jacuzzi. All of us jumped in the hole and bathed until our hands looked like raisin. That moment was the best moment of the hike and in my entire life. My hiking friends and I are so happy that we chosen this school and so thankful to have the chance to do all this.

Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas day so I want to wish you a merry Christmas and I hope you have a great time.

Midship, Wilma Berg


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