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Wifi and stars

The day started like every other day this far on the Atlantic Ocean. We woke up at lunchtime and ate our breakfast, put on our working clothes and got out on deck. We stood in line at the assemble, listening to what the other watch had accomplished during their watch. Then it was time to get to work

The day wasn`t that interesting. We painted some doors and dragged some ropes. The interesting part starts later at the evening…

A couple of days ago we had heard from the crew that we would pass wifi-bouys. These would have wifi that we could connect to. Today at the assemble, other than brag what they had accomplished, we also got to know that there was a wifi bouy near us that we likely would pass sometime during the day.

Fast forward till the evening. We sat in the mess hall, just minding our business doing schoolwork (I`m not writing this because my parents are reading) and then someone comes running down, shouting “Wifi-bouy in ten minutes!” The peaceful and hardworking atmosphere that comes from teenagers studying were suddenly broken. Everyone went up to deck. People laughed excitedly and soon we all had found a comfortable place to sit. I was so happy, I was going to be able to call home!

The minutes pass. We get to know that we need to have a wifi password, so it gets send around. More minutes pass. The excitement builds up and I`m just so grateful for this opportunity to talk to my family.

Then we hear a voice. It`s from someone in the crew and it says: “It was a prank”.

So that’s that. As you all may imagine, we didn’t get to call home that night. A fantastic feeling, that when hope crushes. Love it.

Anyways so a lot of people, including this writer, was disappointed. Even sad. But past is past, and the night actually got better, thank god. This was thanks to my friend, and a practise in furl sails. We got assigned to furl the royal, the sail on top. And we had such a great time! Even if we were kind off slow and had to furl the sail two times because of a raincloud that came in. Which didn’t even hit us so we did it for all nothing. Or well, for the practise. So now we are really good at furling the royal!

We went to bed, and it still felt like I was swaying high up in the air with only stars as light and the sea a steady force under me.

Ester Edvardsson


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