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Wind and Carrot cake

Today it was time to go onwards with this different and exciting voyage and leave Cherbourg. Malte woke us in starboards watch up with a beautiful song and it was time for a new watch time, with our new watch leader Sara and second officer Silja.

During the watch we went from just using the engine to turning the engine of and sailing. We sat eight sails. The waves in the beginning of the watch were not smooth, it was really uncomfortable. But as we sat more sails and the wind calmed down it became more comfortable. The difference with using the engine and sailing is that if you use the engine you hit every wave but when you sail you surf on every wave. Multiple waves were so high that they washed over the whole boat.

I have been really scared about crossing the Bay of Biscaye because of all the bad weather but so far it has gone well. And it looks like the wind is going to calm down and be a calm crossing.

For “tre fika” we got carrot cake, because last leg Villemoe had her birthday, but we didn’t have all the ingredients for her wishes, so we had to wait a few days extra for the carrot cake. It was one of the best carrot cakes I have ever eaten.

We have been away from home for 20 days and have 30 days left. These days have gone by with the wind and soon I will come home to my family and just be with my dog and my sisters’ baby. Her due date is 24 October and that’s the day we will sign off and then come home the 26 of October after two days on a bus.

Sanna Friman, Starboards watch


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