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Wine tasting and squalls

It was time to learn all about wine and wine tasting. It’s important to know how to spit and how to sip and luckily we had a professional on board.

It was time for midship to strike eight bells and go off watch and time for us in port to be on watch. The clock was 12 am and everybody in port watch was tired. So because of our tiredness were we forced to climb the rig and sit there til we were told else. It’s a smart way to wake us up and I would not say that it is a punishment but a fun thing. We all sat in the rig on the topsail yard and talked about everything we want to do when we were back home again. Twenty minutes after we first climbed up we were told to climb down.

Sofia and Jerker had seen a Squall on the radar and all of us had to climb down except two people that had to climb up to the royals and take off the seizings. The rest of us stood ready to dowse both of the royal sails. It didn’t take long to dowse both of the sails and when both of the sails were down were we ordered to wait on further commands. The squall didn’t hit us and we were able to relax.

When the lifebuoy watch striked five bells, Sofia said that we should move to afterdeck to learn how to taste wine. Sofia has told us before that she works with tasting wine when she isn’t working on Gunilla. She told us the basics of how we should act, drink, inspect, taste, smell and how to spit the wine. She also learned us about how wine is produced and some different sorts of wine. We also had the chance to ask some questions that she was willing to answer. It was a good watch and we ended the watch with a happy mood.

Svante Kristensson Ports watch


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