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Wonderful festivities

Today was my day to write the English blog. It was a day with a lot of stuff goin on, we packed our bags, ate a wonderful dinner, danced and sang songs together. It was a great ending to our trip.

My day started in the kitchen. 6 o´clock in the morning I was woken up by the “purrare”. We got to set up breakfast and soon it was time to pack our bags with all our new souvenirs and clothes. When I was finished, I took a well-deserved nap. The day continued and soon it was time for dinner. It is one of our last evenings on the boat and it was a special night. First, we mingled on deck until the cafeteria was ready for the festivities. There were three courses which was very delicious. After the main courses the festivities began and it started with “babord” dedicating a song to our retiring director of studies. We are going to miss him deeply. Then the leaders sang a song about the trip to the melody of Bohemian Rhapsody. Then it was time for dessert, we got a tasty brownie with white chocolate chips and raspberries. After dessert everyone sang a song called “Kolla Kolla” together. The night continued and so did the festivities. We all went up to deck and we’re handed our “båtens”. You get a plate with a word that represented you under the trip. I got “båtens snögubbe”(the boats snowman) because I was I always freezing. Brrr… Then we danced around the mast and celebrated midsummer early. It was an amazing ending to the wonderful trip.



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