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Wonderful, wonderful Lisbon

Today we walked until our legs felt like spaghetti. We definetly captured the day. I walked 20 000 steps today so my legs and feet are now screaming for a massage. Even though my legs hurt alot, the day was wonderful. Let me tell you why.

Today was my first day off the ship. We started with a four hour long tour. The tour was about Portugals colonialism, racism, justice and history. It was a good way to see the city and also very intresting. We truly saw a different side of Portugals colonialism. The stories that the guide told us really captured me. It`s an important message to spread.

After our tour we were let free into the big city. The city was so beautiful. The unique buildings and beautiful streets. Coming from Swedish winter, Lissabons weather is quite nice. We from Sweden walked around in T-shirts while the locals walked around in winter jackets all day.

We ran around like crazy and shopped until we dropped, literally. After the last store we went to I just sat right down on the street. My legs could no longer function. I saw an ice crem stand and my legs suddently started to work. After my ice cream it was no longer as hard to walk. Me and my friend saw that it was almost time to get back on the boat so we called a taxi. When we came back to Gunilla we were all exahusted.

In conclusion, my first day in Lissabon was a succes. This city is so cozy and beautiful. The architecture is something else and not what we are used to. You can walk around the streets and never get tired. If you do get tired, buy an ice cream.

/Hannah Österberg starboard watch


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