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Piñata, sugar and cockroaches

Unlike most of the other days, this morning I woke up with a smile.

This was not only because of the fact that we had pancakes on our snack break at 3:am (fika in swedish), but also because I knew that there was a Piñata waiting for us.

During our stay in Mexico our teacher organized a competition where we, the students, divided in our watches were supposed to do different challenges such as: dance with a Mexican, make an old lady jump and so on. As you can imagine it was very fun to do these challenges even though we made ourselves look really stupid and embarrassed ourselves. For example, there was this one challenge where we were supposed to stand behind some people, put on some crazy music and start to do pushups and air boxing. Because of my severe competitiveness I took this competition very seriously and so did the whole portside watch. When we left Mexico, our watch had finished every single one of the tasks and therefor we won. The victory meant that we received a unicorn piñata that was completely stuffed with candy. Even though the unicorn was very pretty we had to kill it to get the candy that we were all longing for. After the execution we ate the candy that mostly tasted like mixed chili and sugar but because of our cravings for sugar we were satisfied with what we got.

Despite the not so delicious candy and the beautiful unicorn piñata this did not stop the cockroaches from ruining parts of the day. When we were at watch between 12-4 pm me and two others were cleaning the storage boxes on deck and when we reached the bottom, we saw three gigantic (more than a half decimeter long) red cockroaches that were crawling around. It took us a while to get rid of the cockroaches by attacking them with our water guns (hose).

Now at least the big ones are dead and we can breathe out knowing that the population of cockroaches aboard has been decreased.

//Sanna, Portside


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