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10 Things I miss from home

The voyage is starting to come to an end… We still have a few days left when, among other things, we are going to do the final cleaning, pack everything down and hopefully visit one last museum. The feeling of going home is very different depending on who you ask. Some of us thinks it is going to be really nice, while others would like to stay for at least two more months. I am one of those who would love to stay. In hope of being a little bit more excited about the return home, I have asked my friends what they miss the most from home. And therefore, here are 10 things I miss or have learned to appreciate at home:

  1. ”I miss the ability to eat meatballs without the meatballs flying away whenever I am not looking”

When we are out sailing, it can rock a lot sometimes. In those times, you are privileged if you get to keep all of the things that you once put on your plate.

  1. ”I am looking forward to visit the restroom without falling off the toilet.”

As I said, it can rock a lot sometimes…

  1. ”I miss cooking my own porridge in the morning.”

For someone who does not like porridge, I do not have the same desire for a perfectly cooked porridge. I will say though that I really miss cooking my own food. On the boat they serve really tasty food so no complains on that, but sometimes you just want to eat whatever you crave.

  1. ”Lösgodis”

I think this explains itself .

  1. ”Imagine go to bed and lay down in crispy and fresh bedding.”

How much I like it here, there are not many things that can beat your own bed with some freshly washed bedding.

  1. ” I want to go to the toilet without having feeling the former visitors body heat on the seat”

Well let’s say that we have had some problems whit the toilets on thes voyage… If we have had one toilet working on 42 students, we have been happy. There is only one problem with this… The toilet is constantly busy and therefor you often get to feel some natural body heat when visiting the toilet.

  1. ”OMG! I miss my bread toaster”

I totally agree on this one. However, I have to say that we actually had access to a toaster for a short period of time, but due to a small fire incident it disappeared pretty quickly.

8 ”All I want is too freeze!”

I think this point is a bit controversial and I would not say that I feel the same but I do understand what the person mean. As some of you may know, we have had some issues whit the air conditioner. When spending most of your days in a heat over 30 degrees and then try to sleep in a cabin that’s 34 degrees, the heat can sometimes be too much.

  1. ”I miss internet”

What can I say… My generation is addicted.

  1. ”I would kill for a good cup of coffee!”

OMG!!! I feel the same. In my opinion, there are not many things to complain about here on the boat. The coffee situation however, is something that we need to discuss. The coffee here onboard taste like shit. The shitty coffee is however better than no coffee at all. In the last few days the coffee machine has not been working at all, due to the rocking. For someone who normally drink 10 cups of coffee every day, this is… let's say stressful.


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