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The day starts early for me and my watch, more specifically at 3.30 in the morning. We in the Starboard-watch work between 4-8 and then again 16-20, inbetween it’s food, sleep, lessons and freetime.

We are currently sailing in a lot of fog, with four hours on deck making
our clothes wet. We trimmed the sails so we could get as much power from
the wind as possible. Washing the deck is part of the morning routine
for this watch. After scrubbing, washing, and drying the deck we had a
well needed break indoors.

They were making pancakes in the galley! Warm pancakes with rasberry
jam. It was the best night-snack ever!

When we got off the watch it was time for breakfast and then sleep.
Reverse a normal day at home. I can promise that sleeping has never felt
so nice. Changing to dry clothing and jumping into a warm bed felt like
heaven. At this time the boat wiggles perfectly, it is enough for us to
sail but not so much that you fall out of the bed. Thankfully it is not
as bad as it was a few days ago. Some of us literally had to sleep like
a spider so we wound’t fall off the bed.

12:40 and it’s time to wake up and eat lunch. Yes eating and sleeping
are the main events of the day.

After lunch its time for some school lessons in the ship`s classroom,
which we also use as a dining hall to eat together when we are in port.

At 16.00 it was time again for starboard to have watch. The weather had
become so much better over the course of the day, but it was still
really cold and grey outside. I did some random work around the boat
that Antony, the bosun, decided. For example I compacted the garbage so
that we can fit as much as possible in our small garbage room. Then when
get to the next port, we empty the room out and dispose of our trash. I
also put some oil on the tackles so that they remain fresh and work for
as long as possible.

During our watch we have dinner at 18.10. This time it’s a vegetarian
lasagna and to many people’s surprise, it was really good. At the end of
the day I took a shower, changed into fresh sheets and then had a good
night of sleep.

Elise Palmgrern, Stybord


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