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30 knots of headwind and 2.5 knots current

The day started with Midships going off the watch at mid night. My roommate and I took our mattresses and put them on the floor in the cabin across from us and stayed there for while with the four other boys from our watch.

We woke up at seven to have breakfast and started our morning watch at
eight. Just like the other days on this leg so far we had very boring
weather. 30 knots of headwind and 2.5 knots current straight against us.
During this watch we traveled a total of seven nautical miles and
averaged a speed less than two knots. Unmotivating to see how our ETA to
the anchoring place outside Knippla just got later and later.
After the watch we had our lunch which today was spaghetti bolognese.
After lunch we, just as usual, had lessons and free time. I read a book
and slept. We had lasagna for dinner which was also nice. After dinner I
slept again and woke up at 7.30 pm to get ready for the evening watch.
Earlier today captain announced that there would be a film played at 8
pm in the big mess that even us on watch could watch. I didn’t find the
film so interesting so after a while I went up on deck and kept on with
normal watch duties instead. On the evening watch we unfortunately had
the same weather as in the morning. Since we were in the English Channel
there were a lot of ships around and overtaking us. We could also see
both the English and French coast.

Max Chadwick - Midships


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