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44 onions on a bus

I didn’t wake up today, because I didn’t fall asleep this night at all. I opened my eyes at 7 am on the bus floor on my way to Gunilla. My back sounded like a glowstick when I sat up and I felt tired but also excited since we would soon arrive to the ship. A couple of hours later, we finally entered Gunilla. It felt weird since I hadn’t seen her in a very long time but both me and the rest of my class were relieved to leave the bus which had started to smell sweaty after a while.

After we had arrived, we ate lunch: pasta salad containing chicken, bell pepper and of course some pasta. Then we had some free time and I chose to take a shower since I felt like an onion after the bus journey. After the free time we were parted into small groups. My group got to climb, which was both scary and funny. Last journey with Gunilla climbing was something I enjoyed a lot, which I think I will do this journey too.

After the diner it was finally time to discover the city which Gunilla is located in right now: Caen. After thirty minutes of walking, me and my friends had finally reached the centre of Caen. We walked past tons of restaurants and a couple of old churches. Since I am studying French, this was a great opportunity to use my French knowledge, which I did when I bought a burger for my friend at a fancy restaurant called McDonalds. When we got out from the restaurant it was raining, but we had to go to the so we wouldn’t be late. After a while we were all very wet and cold, so we walked as fast as we could to get to Gunilla fast.

Back to the ship, we were all tired and I decided to go to bed after another hot shower. This has been a looooooong day, but I have gotten to experience a lot and I can’t wait for another loooooong day filled with new adventures.



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