Öckerö gymnasium

A beautiful harbor

As always, the day began at 7.00am when we woke up to a regular purring, which was surprisingly calm for once. Yesterday the new chefs arrived so we got to meet them this morning. Even though we only got to meet them for a day in Tampa it was nice seeing them again.

After the deck meeting, we took the ferry downtown to explore even more of the city. I have to say, that this might be one of the most beautiful harbors we’ve been so far. We began walking to the nearest grocery store to get some snacks. I got the classic Jaffa cakes, which is a soft biscuit filled with orange jam and then dipped in chocolate.

After that we went to the mall which was only about 5 minutes away. It was a nice feeling to be in a “bigger mall” again, since the last time was in Tampa. I think that most of us are becoming a bit homesick now, and the mall gave a feeling of being closer to it.

The day went by, wandering around downtown. We got to a park called The Hoe, apparently the beetles played there in the 60’s. There was also a big memorial with the names of people lost in the first and second world war. Seeing it was comfortable, as their names remain still.

After spending a few hours at The Hoe, we went down to the restaurants by the riverside and had ourselves the iconic Fish-n-chips. I must say that it was the best I’ve ever tried. Than at 9pm we went back to the ferry that took us home to Gunilla.



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