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A bit tired...

The day started at 7 a clock when someone from the watch that works before us waked us up. 07.15 breakfast was served and many of us was enjoying the first cup of coffee for the day. (Some of us already had a caffeine addiction, and if not, you probably have one now.)

I can assure you all at home that the energy is needed, especially in those last weeks of the trip. Now I believe that most of us are feeling our constant lack of sleep since almost 2 months back. Our bodies are tired as well as our heads, but in some way, we manage to get through the days with red blasted eyes and tender bones. I think many of us get an energy boost when thinking about that this is our last days at sea on our last trip with Gunilla. When remembering that, at least it is easier for me to handle my constant tiredness.

After breakfast it was time to get ready for the watch. Me and my watch is working 8-12 these last days. We thus have a relatively normal sleeping schedule, which is grateful. It has been cold on the evenings and nights lately – around 24 degrees – which has required both long pants and hoodie, and even though we are piled up with lots of clothes, we manage to. I do not think we ready to tackle the Swedish weather quite yet.

The winds have not been beneficial, so we have been on the engine since we left Santo Domingo, which leaves us with oceans of time. Today we have been using our extra time to invent in the freezer, maintenance work and cleaning. Those who have the 8-12 watch clean the boat every night. We clean the toilets, we scrub the draining clutters, we wipe all walls, and so on. So, we are advanced in cleaning at this point, just ask the watch leaders…Clean to get it clean or clean to be approved? That it the question.

Now is the time 14:47 and we have studied since 13:15. We have lections until 17:10 when dinner is served, and after that we have free time until 8 a clock. Hopefully the wind will be more suitable for sailing then. According to the forecasts we will be able to sail from this day and until we arrive in Miami 4 April. There are not many days left now; Our trip is coming to its end. There are mixed feelings when thinking about going home again. Those simple things like sleeping a whole night, and in your own bed, or just to eat a real cooked meal is tempting. And of course we miss you all at home too. But at the same time, I feel that those days start to characterize by melancholy. Gunilla has been a home for us in the last three years now, and I am not sure that we are ready to leave her and all it comes with. Whether we are ready to leave or not we will be carrying our heavy bags on the airport in Miami in less than two weeks.

Ebba Bonnevier


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