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A challenging day

At sea again! We have had a rough first day with large waves and some rainshowers. Trying to sleep last night wasn’t too easy either, I was rolling around in the bunk and hitting my head in the wall. I think most of us got little to no sleep and as you might understand we were all pretty tired today.

The rough weather continued but we were finally able to set some sails and as of right now we are making good progress towards Ireland. While others were feeling seasick, the few lucky ones who were not did some maitenance-work or climbed the rigging to unfurl the sails.

Also, something terrible happened today. But in order for you to understand the magnitude of this terrible incident I will have to do some explaining. For the last four weeks we have had apricot marmelade which I have used on EVERYTHING! Everything from sandwiches to porrige to chocolate. I have been the ships biggest consumer of our apricot marmelade and I need it for survival. And to the most devastating part… We have ate up every last drop of this magical marmelade, there is nothing left. How can something this devastating happen? What are we supposed to do now? Will we make it to Ireland?

Except from the “marmelade-disaster” it has been a pretty normal day in the paradise aboard the Gunilla. I apologize for such a short blog but the rough weather is taking it’s toll on us and all I can think about right now is going to sleep. Goodnight!

Adam N/ Starboard Watch
28 August


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