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A day as backis at sea

Today me and Märta in my guard were backisar. That means that you work in the kitchen, making lunch, serving food, clean and assist the chefs.

Our day began at 08:00 and we started with serving breakfast. Today is Sunday so that means that it is ”stekfrulle”, you get to eat egg and bacon and if you are lucky, pancakes. Today was a lucky day so pancakes was an option and it was very appreciated. It is always kind of stressful taking everyones orders and making sure that everyone gets food but i think we handled it well. After the breakfast we cleaned up and then started with the lunch which was falukorv and macarones. Later on we served lunch and then our watch was over.

When the night came and it was time for me and Märta to be backisar for another four hours. We were very happily surprised to se that we were going to make kokostoppar. In the night as backis you mostly clean in the kitchen and also serve your guard fika. So thats what we did for four hours, we cleaned, listened to music on high volume and made and served kokostoppar. They were delicious and we ate a lot of them.

Esther Midskepps


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