Öckerö gymnasium

A day filled with work and lovely food

The day started as usual with breakfast and line-up on main deck with flag hosting. Then we finished familizasion that we started yesterday. Our watch had a lecture in how to preform if someone falls over board, called a MOB exercise.

The weather today was okay, not as good as yesterday but you can´t complain when you’re in Spain.

After lunch it was time for everyone to practice climbing the mast. It was the first time we furled in one and a halv year so I was a little bit nervous, but it went well and everyone did well.

We got food delivery today so we did a passing chain where we transported the food in to the fridge and freezer. It took a while so after it was done our watch cleaned the boat and then we ate pasta with a creamy sausage sauce.

Me and some classmates sat outside after dinner to enjoy the lovely evening sun. A perfect ending of an eventful day.

It is going to be a fun day tomorrow with lovely weather and a padel tournament with the whole class. The padel courts are placed on the roof of a shoppingmall located right beside Gunilla. I look forward to it and hope to win the tournament.

Klara Eriksson, Midships


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