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A day in Porto

When the beginning of the day is good, the rest of the day usually gets great as well.

Directly after the assembly me, Bella, Emil and Alice took a walk to the beach just ten minutes from the boat. We ate breakfast at a beach cafe and we had croissants, toasts and coffee lattes. After breakfast Bella went into the town because she was going to meet up with some friends and listen to a orkestra. Me and Emil went out surfing. We surfed for four hours and the waves were pretty good. There were around two hundred people in the lineup! I love the feeling of when a lot of people gather together for the same wonderful reason - to be in the ocean and catch waves. “Life is better when you surf”!

When the tide went up, the waves got less good and at the same time we got hungry and a bit cold. The water was about 14 celsius degrees. Then we took our last wave into the beach and went to a restaurant in the neighborhood. We had a big plate of grilled squid and potatoes. Typical Portuguese food and one of my favourite dishes. When we were finished there we took the bus into the town and walked along the street by the river. I love that street! It's full of people, musicians and restaurants where everybody sits outside. You can also find those small tables on the street where you can buy handmade jewelers. We found a girl who sat down with her guitar and she was singing at a restaurant. We sat down beside her and listened to her beautiful music. She sang with passion and she also sang songs that we really do like, for example “Back to black”. We asked her if she could sing the song “Valerie” because we thought her voice would fit very well with that song, and so it did!

After a while we called our friends and met them up at another restaurant. Still at this street by the river. We sat there, me, Bella, Melke, Andrea, Ella and Emil. We just talked about thoughts and had a good time. I couldn't eat anything though because I was still full from the squid. On the way home I met a girl who I was dancing with on the street the day before. She was a special girl who was shining with her energy! Her name was Elisa. It was fun to meet her again. Maybe the last time, maybe not. Days can be so different from each other. Think of one good day in your life and then think that this day was just one of hundreds, or thousands of days in your life!

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