Öckerö gymnasium

A day in the city

I got woken up at half past 7 with the promise that there would be pancakes served for breakfast. There weren’t any pancakes, someone had already eaten them all and that made me very sad.

After breakfast I got ready to go out and interview on the streets about climate politics for a school project. Me and my group went to the centre of the city to find people. It was kind of hard to find people to interview because the majority of people that we asked were tourists. When we found people who weren’t tourists, they either didn’t speak English or just didn’t want to answer the questions. After about one and a half hour we had to get back to the boat for lunch and then we had a total of about eight interviews.

After a yummy lunch we went to the shopping mal. It started out with shopping but after a while we ended up at a cinema in the mal about to watch the movie Uncharted and after a lot of popcorn spilling, we saw the movie. It was good, not the best movie I’ve seen but kind of amusing.

When the film ended there were a discussion of what we would do next. Some people wanted to go home, including me, and some wanted to keep shopping so we split up. When we got home, we had a late dinner of leftovers from the student’s fridge and then I went to bed.

Linn Käck Neutze Midskepps


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