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A day in the life of rondman.

Here at T/S Gunilla there is a number of different things that has to be done. Many of most important tasks is the rondmans duty. Today I got the chance to follow the rondman, who happends to be one of my very good friends Ina ,on her watch from 00:00 - 04:00. I think that these were some of the most interesting and giving hours of my life.

At midnight we started the first rond which happends to be one of the six ronds that you are supposed to write down. You have to go rond every hour but only those every forth hour are writing ronds. We took the checklist and heeded down to the machineroom. Ina told me that it is very important that you always start the rond in the machineroom. When a asked her why, she told me that according to the Swedish board of transportation the machinenroom has to be checked out once every
hour. If you always start the rond in the machinroom you will always have a one hour gap between you´re checks.

In the machinroom Ina showed me everything that has to be done. You must make sure that all of the meaters have the right pressure. You have to check the “day tank” so it´s at the right level. If it´s not you have to start the CJC pump. Every fourth hour you´re also supposed to moistrise the “hylslager”. If you want to know how that´s done Ina has made her own, very detalied totorial ,on that. You can find the totorial on her youtube channel.

When we were done in the machinroom we went to all, both hidden and open ,spaces at Gunilla to see so everything was in order. Ina told me that it´s important not only to use your eyes when doing this. You have to use your nose.
- Maybe there is a fire or something wrong with the toiltes, she said.
- Your ears are important as well, always listen for mysterius sounds.
When we had searched through every little corner and was absolutly sure that there were no fires or so we changed all of the towels in the student and crew toilets. We also changed and refilled towels in the byssa, as well as thaking out the dirty ones.

Soon we were done with the rond but there was still one thing left. The laundry. From eight a´clock at night to eight in the morning the rondman is supposed to wash, dry and fold all the ship laundry. That includes bedsheets, towels and laundry from the byssa. Ina told me that all ship laundry have to be washed at 90 degrees and put on a speed program. When we had filled all the machines up we took out the dry laundry from the dryers and put it in bags.
- I always choose the rainbow colored bags, Ina said.
- Those are my absolute favorites, they make me happy and bring joy to my ronds.
We took down all the dry laundry and folded it accordning to the instructions that is put up on the wall. Ina told me that this was her favorit part of the rond. She thought that it was very cozy and relaxing.

When everything was done and the rond was over we whent up on half deck to update who ever is in charche about what we had done and if there was something that was wrong.




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