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Good morning from a very warm and sunny Sao Nicolau, for you that didn’t listen in school, Sao Nicolau is one of Cape Verdes many islands.

The day started as always with a line up at eight o’clock on the deck, but the following part stood out a bit from the usual routine. Today is actually Tages birthday, he is now twenty three years old. Therefore the whole crew sang
“Ja må han leva” as the last part of the morning line up.

The clock is at this very moment 09.29 and I do already feel like taking a swim, just jumping directly from the boat, into the turquoise 24 degrees water. Lucky for me, and for everyone else in the starbord watch, we are quite soon leaving for a snorkling expedition with one of Gunillas mini boats, Berit. But first, at eleven o’clock some of the crew members, probably Hans, the captain will take the same boat, Berit into shore to pick up our local snorkling guide that was found in the closest town, Tarrafal, yesterday.

Hi again! We’re now back on Gunilla and the time is about five o’clock and it’s still very hot outside. I’m currently sitting on the front deck (Backen) in just my bikini with a very small bag of chips that I got from home. The snorkling experience was very nice. There was not so much of corals to see but more of the fish. Our snorkling guide managed to catch an octupus with his weapon like spear. Everyone went very impressed and we got to bring it back with us to Gunilla. Last I checked our chef, Adam was about to prepare it.

My bag of chips has barely anything left in it and my whole body is sticky of sweat. In other words I’m going for a swim. Bye Bye!

/Elvira Mitchell Ericsson


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