Öckerö gymnasium

A day in the working squad

Today I have been in thge working squad and therefor I stayed on the boat the whole day

We started with vaccuming out a lot of water that had gotten out under the floor in the boat after aleak. We found the leak and solved the problem. Good job to us.

After that we went up only to meet the warmth, We are already tired so it didn't help withg the sunsickness that came soon after. If we already weren't jealous of thge others that could chill the whole day, we definitely became jealous when our friends drove past us with two water scooters that they rented. It look so fun. We must do that some other day.

Instead of driving a water scooter and enjoying life we had fun by sorting all of the food that we orded to the soon coming Atlantic trip. Ironically, our lunch was delayed by the the food that was delivered. But the ffod was worth waiting for because the pumpkin soup was incredible.

After lunch we scrubbed the deck and then we resorted the rope system by some reason, finishing off the watch with cleaning under the deck.

The dinner was also amazing so that was good too. Good food makes the whole day so much better. Overlall I think this day has been as good as it gets as a typical workday




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