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A day off

This day went by too fast as I chose to reload my social battery. Everyone but me went ashore after we’d eaten some Easter-inspired brunch. It was nice onboard until I discovered that it was something wrong with the water. To survive, I quickly went ashore with the birthday- girl and brought some bottles of drinkable water. The day ended well, although the others had to hold their noses while drinking the disgusting water.

This night, I slept for 12 hours straight. I was exhausted. You may think that I went to bed early yesterday, but instead me and the rest of the boat woke up at 10 am. It was the first time since Christmas two years ago, we’ve had a sleep-in onboard. It was lovely. And as I were about to wake up, I heard a group singing in the hallway. It turned out to be “Happy Birthday!” for our very own birthday girl, Ellen.

We got up on line-up. Ellen received the honorable marabou-chocolate from Brita and we then returned down under deck to eat brunch. We were delighted as we saw the table in front of us. Our chefs had made us an Easter-inspired brunch. There were eggs, meatballs, sausages and much more. It was delicious! But the ones who were about to go on watch had to throw it into their mouths since they only got 15 minutes to eat. However, everyone seemed to enjoy the luxurious breakfast/lunch anyway.

With only the painted eggs left (which were hard-boiled to our very disappointment) all in the free watches, went off the boat. Everyone but me, who choose to stay onboard. My hope was that I could work on some assignments, since we’ve got a lot of those. But instead, I worked on the blog from yesterday and accidentally fell asleep… I honestly don’t know why I have zero energy left. But by closer thought, it might be connected to my social battery, which might be empty after this last week onboard. After months of distancing and home-education, it came like a shook for me to suddenly be surrounded by 40 wonderfully but ultra-social persons.

Anyway, I woke up in perfect time for "fika". This time it was carrot cake. And as the only one free from watch, there was much for me to eat. But I did not get frosting on top of my cake. This made me a bit sad :( Maybe you wonder why. And you better do so since it was hard for me to take. But I’m intolerant to lactose so instead, the chefs kindly served me a cake without frosting. I promise you; it was not worth it. But the cake was good, I guess...

The dinner was better. It was Taco-time! This made the whole class return from their adventures ashore, just like ants returns to their nest. As they were about to prepare the dish, I sat down and wrote down a poem that I’d read online. This, I put up for everyone to read. The food was delicious, but the water was disgusting! None of us had never tasted anything like it. We came up with a couple of conspiracy theories before we got it explained that water in the tank hadn’t been circulated in a month, and that we’d now reached the last “layer” in the tank. But it could also be the water from the island as well. No matter which, it was disgusting!

To survive, some of us decided to go ashore just to by some bottles of water. The crew told us that it was no danger to drink it, but we didn’t agree. It wasn’t drinkable. But hopefully we will empty the tank as we go to sea the day after tomorrow. And if we don’t, we (the students onboard who now suffer from dehydration) plan to higher our water consumption simply by leaving the showers on. And then pray that we can activate the Ozmos to get rid of the water in the tank.

Me and some others, including the birthday girl, later made our way down to the stone beach. The sea felt cold as we walked down the brygga. But we then remember the temperature in Sweden and it suddenly felt much warmer.

I spent the rest of the evening writing this blog. As I wrote, I was entertained by two of my classmates who danced to danceA-music. It was very fascinating indeed. And to my very surprise I just discovered that I’ve listen to the same song about 13 times without taking notice. So I think it’s time for me to go to bed once again. And I therefore wish you a goodnight. Goodnight!



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