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A day of learning

Today we were woken up by the “rondman”, who was one of the students who was on duty during the night, just before 7.

When we were dressed we went to breakfast and then it was time to line up on deck where we broke 8 glasses (rang in a bell 8 times because it was 8 o'clock) and raised the Swedish and Spanish flag. After that, it was time to continue with the familiarization from yesterday.

When we were done with our first station, which was going through all of the appliances that you need to check when you are “rondman”, a truck arrived with a LOT of food. We had to load it into the hatches and cupboards of the boat, which by the way are everywhere, under the floor, under the sofa, in the back of the sofa, and in other hidden places. When that was done, we had our last familiarization station – information about, among other things, safety and a few different alarms. Then another truck arrived with a garbage container into which
we had to throw all the garbage that was on the boat, a lot of it was frozen leftovers.

Later on we did some rigging exercises, how to fold up and down the sails, but I didn't have time to climb up and test as it is my guard group that is guarding the ship today. We had to clean instead, how fun? When it was clean and nice, I and another in my guard group made a schedule of who would guard the boat during which times of the night before it was time for a well-deserved delicious dinner – chicken and pasta with mango sauce. By the time dinner was in our stomachs, we were all quite tired. There was a bit of studying and then a cozy movie night, so it didn't feel bad to have to stay here on the boat while the other guard groups had free time on land.

Vilma Blomgren


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