Öckerö gymnasium

A Day on Deck

From basic cleaning to climbing in the rig, the day started boring but took a turn for the better.

The day started as usual with a lively ’purrning’ from the night guards at 7 am. We also got an extra hour of sleep so I think all of us slept good last night. For breakfast I had a tasty portion of bacon and eggs, it’s a tradition on Gunilla to have that every Sunday.

After we had our morning gathering where we raised the flags and prepared for our shift. The weather was bad which wasn’t expected, it was raining continuously and was pretty cold for a morning in Spain. We started our shift with a test about all the ropes and sails on the ship. The test was quite difficult but it was good for us to learn about the ship. After, we fixed the ropes that is holding the sails on the masts. It took a long time but it was fun to climb the rig instead of cleaning the entire deck.

When we got back down it was time for lunch and we had a delicious soup with bacon. It felt good to sit down for a bit after climbing for an hour. Every shift we have includes cleaning. So when the lunch-break was over we started cleaning. Unfortunately I got to clean the toilets. I was lucky though because the toilets were not that bad, this time. It all got better when I heard about the ice-cream-brake. The kitchen served us chocolate ice-cream with kiwi and whipped cream.

The day went off with more cleaning until our shift ended at 5 pm. An hour later we ate even more. We had a left-over-buffet. The evening continued by playing cards and ended with a movie-night.

Marcus, Babord


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