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A day on the beach

The second day in Porto Santo, a wonderful day. The plan was to go hiking but when we came out for the line up and saw the sun shine the planes changed. The beach became the obvious choice.

After the meal at 10 am we packed our things and started the walk along the beach to the exact spot we were on yesterday. The walk took around 30 minuets and the first thing we did when we arrived was to swim. The waves were perfect and the sun was stronger then I thought….

Roughly the whole day we chilled, swimed and suntanned on the beach. Some of us fell asleep and others jumped around in the ocean. It was by this time we all started to notice these small jellyfishes all over the beach. We asked the locals and some said that it was a portugise species that can be life threatening, while others said that it was all clear to swim. We decided to listen to the second choice and swim.

At around 4 pm we decided to go somewhere to get some food. At this point I noticed that I burned myself pretty hard. We sat down at a restaurant and of course the song “red lady” came on. The waiter started to laugh because we talked about how sunburned I was before.

After this me and Stina took a run to the supermarket before it closed. The plan was to buy fruit, but it ended up with us buying snacks.

When we came back home the harbor in Porto Santo gave the boat a really hard time so we had to move and put in anchors instead. At last I put some after sun on and fell asleep.

Ella Frisk, SA2023


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