Öckerö gymnasium

A day on the green island

Our sunny day started with being woken up at 7 o’clock and then it was breakfast in Stora Mässen. They served us yogurt, porridge and bread to breakfast. We enjoyed the meal and then we switched clothes and got ready for a day with adventures. We head up to deck and had a meeting were the captain told us about the day and later our watch leaders drove us in to land with the two boats Berit and Beirut.

As I already told you, me and my friends wanted an adventure today. So, we hired a taxi bus and asked the taxi driver to drive us to a waterfall and the trip to the waterfall started. The bus took us up on the mountain into the woods and then dropped us off at the entrance to the waterfall. We bought tickets and walked in on the trail to the waterfall. On our way to the waterfall did we meet a little monkey that were sitting in a cage. So, we gave him some apple and he got very happy about it.

Finally there, a waterfall that were coming from the mountain. Coverage with green plants around it and dripping into a lake with the colors of green and blue. After some pictures were snapped, we all switched to bathing clothes and jumped into the lake. After the bath stop, we all got dressed and then went up to the café to eat some snacks and enjoy the wifi. After some hours with wifi and snacks the taxi showed up and drove us back to the harbor. Where Berit and Beirut were waiting for us to drive us back out to Gunilla.

When we were back at our favorite ship our other friends showed us their tattoos that they had been doing when we were at the waterfall. They had all been doing anchors in different sizes and they all turned really good. Then it was time for dinner, rice and chili con carne were on the menu today. After the dinner, me and my friends stayed up a bit and hang out in “Lilla Mässen”. After that it was time for some sleep, so goodnight!

Vera Logenius


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