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A day on T/S Gunilla

The overall mood here on the boat is excited, since we are going to reach the port in Havana, Cuba tomorrow morning.

Today was a day mostly like any other here onboard. We in Midship were woken up at 7am to eat breakfast and then begin our first watch for the day that lasted between eight and twelve. Our watch went great, the sun was shining, the soft breezes of air were warm, and the sea was pretty calm. Our first sailing leg of this trip has gone great, but I think that most of us are very excited to reach our first destination of this trip, excited for what’s to come at the stop.

But more of what has happened here today. At around half past three we had a security exercise, a man over board exercise more exactly. We have these security exercises every Sunday here onboard to practice so that everyone knows what to do in case of an accident happening. We did this man over board exercise by gathering on the main deck of the boat, counting in so that everyone was there, and then we threw a lifebuoy (simulating a person falling over board) over the railing. Us students mainly have two tasks during one of these exercises, we point at the lifebuoy so that the captain can keep track of where it is, and we help with taking down the sails to lower the speed of the boat so that we can turn and pick up the buoy. Everything went smoothly and we could soon set all the sails and set our course once again towards Cuba.

Personally, I don’t really want this sailing leg to Cuba to end, everything is going so well; the weather is better than I could have asked for, the chefs serve perfect food three times a day that always amazes me is being made in that small kitchen, and the overall feeling at the start of this trip is just great. I love my classmates and I love discovering the world with them.




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