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A day to remember

28th December, one of the days that I had been most looking forward to of all the events on this journey. Today I went to the island Santo Antao together with half of all students on t/s Gunilla to hike.

The day began with an early breakfast at 5.45pm and a half-hour later was it time to go. We walked the short distance to the ferry and it was about this time our adventure really started. We had divided ourselves into groups of four or more. Every person got 4000 escudos by our teacher that were supposed to be enough to buy food, a place to stay over the night and a van that could take us around to different locations on the island. When we came ashore, only to complete the first task, to find some kind of place to stay over the night, like for example a hostel. My group walked around quite a while to find something fresh and cheap. But finally, we found a small room that I think we all became satisfied with. Now when we had completed the first task, to find someplace to sleep, was it time to get up in the mountains and begin our six hours long (or short) hike.

We took an aluger (a van without any roof) that drove us the two-hour long car-ride. This two hours were incredibly fun, we saw all the beautiful nature of Santo Antou. A bumpy but amazing ride. Once we came to where the hike started, it was just to tie our shoelaces and start walking. My group went in a good pace but we took many coffee breaks with many biscuits and sodas. We also stopped to take photos often, how couldn’t we? Once we had walked all the way and got to our final destination we were really tired. Our knees were hurting because it was always upwards or downwards never just straight. But in the end, it was still worth it because of all we had seen. The amazing scenery and friendly people we met along the way.

When we came back to the village we ate a cheap but great dinner to save some money for the next day. After the dinner, we walked home and fell asleep immediately.

A great way you spent the last days of 2017, a year I’ll remember well.

Böhn, port watch


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