Öckerö gymnasium

A day with the chefs

Half the day everyone got to familiarize once again with the different sections of the boat. Personally, I thought that I would remember most of it, but I’ve forgotten lots of things.

We had a schedule to follow until 12:00, which meant everyone had to stay on the boat until 12:00 to then go out in Miami and for port it was watch. I’m in port and was placed with the chefs. The galley time was amazing because the first thing we did was rearrange in the freezer. It was around 30 degrees Celsius outside while -15 in the freezer so taking a bit of extra time while rearranging in the freezer was wonderful. I, Oliver and Anton still did it quite fast and got to organize everything without the chefs knowing how it would turn out. It turned out perfectly. After we’d organize the freezer, we got to choose which kind of meat we will barbeque on Sunday. Back at the galley we did the dishes and prepared for dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese was on the menu and tasted amazing.

The rest of the watch was working in the mast. The biggest sail onboard was damaged and needed to be repaired. Starboard and Midship was on adventures in the big city of Miami.

Since the sun was so hot outside, some of us got sunburned. Very sunburned, the red noses are everywhere. The most hilarious sunburn I’ve seen was someone who had a big red smile just above the trousers.

Alex Benjaminsson, Port watch


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