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A day with the sun

Three knocks on the door and I feel how my body slowly is waking up. It is time for me to rise and start this day, apparently before the sun. The clock is 5.30 am.

This morning, I and two others from my watch were “galley-rats”. This means that we help the chefs in the galley. During the morning this includes to get everything ready for the breakfast. We set the tables, slice up the bread, and make sure everyone is satisfied. Afterwards we did the dishes and cleaned the table again. At 7.55 am it was time for line-up and three new galley-rats came to take our places in the galley. We were now free for the day.

It had been a long night however for everyone in my guard since they all had been up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night to watch the ship. Therefore, we decided to take a slow morning before heading towards Paramaribo, the capital of Surinam. A few of us went back to sleep for a while. But while doing the dishes before, I had glanced out through the one galley window which showed me the river. I saw how the sun had begun to rise. And I wanted to be present when this entirely new country, and continent, came to life.

With a well red book in my hand, I stappled up on deck and then further on to the bow of the boat where we students are allowed to hang out. I was alone this morning, which is a rare thing on Gunilla, so I appreciated it to it’s finest. Behind me a soft drizzling light danced on the little waves of the river. Songbirds begun to take tone and a created a small humming symphony of their own. Sunrises and songbirds we may have in Sweden as well, but the rainforest that was the cherry on the top. This tropical surrounding is all new to me, but my intention told me that I would love this day.

We decided to take the bus into Paramaribo. Not far away from the boat we found a bus stop. We decided to stay and wait. And wait, and wait. Two locals stood nearby and told us that the bus schedule differed from day to day. Meanwhile we were talking to them a pickup car rolled into the parking spot, in front of the little supermarket, where we were waiting for the bus to come. After e few exchanged words, two of us walked up to the driver. Thumbs up and five minutes later we were all squeezed in on our way to the city. Eight people on seats of six. Even with the lack of space we were relived to escape the now gassing sun for at least a couple of minutes.

After thanking our helper with both words and money we turned our gazes against the fruit market that was now in front of us. Small pastel painted tables in every color of the rainbow were facing a small street. Parasols that melt together with them did their very best to protect their owners and the fruit below from the shining giant of the sky. Wherever my gaze landed colorful fruits caught my attention. Fruits that I could only ever dream about eating this fresh back at home.

It was hard to separate from the heaven of color, but we wanted to try the fruit as well, not only look at it. Our friends who had visited the city the day before told us about a small hotel, with a small backyard and a small pool. They had been all alone all seemed more than pleasant for eight swedes under the sun of Surinam. All are hopes were answered and even more since we there were able to call home. On Thursday we are sailing again, towards Guadeloupe. Therefore, it felt good to speak a few words to my near ones. Additionally, I think we all needed to take some time and do nothing to gain our strength again before heading out towards the horizon once more.

To finish this the preparation, we went to a big store and bought probably to many fruits and snacks, before we headed back to the boat. It was already dark but the warmth from the day was still present in the air upon, on the ground around us and in the river below. When I saw the siluette of a yellow floating sphere on the night sky I felt that it was time for bed. Like the circle was finished. Now, by the end of the day, I can tell you that my gut was undoubtedly right. I loved this day.

Edit Uma Gärde - Starboard - SAS2124


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