Öckerö gymnasium

A friendly island

Today is January third and our second day here in Mindelo.

The weather is lovely and I’ve already burned myself, just as everybody else here on T/s Gunilla.

The day started off with a small trip to the city nearby. The houses were painted in bright colours and the market was really charming, I enjoyed it. The people here on Cap Verde are really nice as well, they love to talk about their Island and it’s fun to hear about it so it’s a win win situation.

After the city, we took a sharp turn to go to the beach. The beach pure white sand and azure blue water, it was so pretty to look at. We bathe for hours until we got hungry, then we went down the road to get some pizza, after that we went back to the beach and bathed some more.

At 6 o´clock (PM) we decided to go back to the boat to eat dinner which was a terrific idea because the food was good. After dinner, we found it to be fun to go bathing once again, only this time it was dark. It was fun and we bathed until we had to get back to the boat.

That it pretty much what sums up my day, hope yours was as good as mine!

Hugs, Ebba Bergman


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